Date Built: 1954
Builders: Flensburger, Schiffs, Gesellshaft at Flensburg, Germany
Construction: Steel diesel, salt water frieghter Owners:
Dimensions: 470x61x28, 8683nt Cargo: Roll stainless steel, wire, & plate

Condition: Cut, pounded & twisted by ice, still a good dive site due to her orginal size and construction. As of 2010 nothing remains above water, APPROACH WITH CAUTION!

Location: 300' NW of Thunder Bay Shoal traffic bouy. 7mi N of Thunder Bay Island light.

Depth: 30-50'

Date of Loss: Nov 19, 1966

GPS: N45 08.198 W83 09.526

Type of Loss: Pilot error

Loss of Life: None

Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

It was 9:38pm on a cool, calm, clear moon lit night on Saturday November 19, 1966 when the German Freighter Nordmeer ran aground on Thunder Bay Shoal. The pilot, in unfamiliar water, cut on the inside of the lighted bouy by a couple hundered of feet and ran the ship up on the 20' deep shoal. Loaded with 900 rolls of steel wire and bound for Chicago all but 8 of the 43 man crew were taken aboard the Canadian Freighter Samuel Mather that evening. The Captain and 7 officers stayed aboard to survey the damage to their vessel. Salvage attempts were made to no avail as the hull continued to part before her cargo could be lightened. She now lies 9 miles from shore, ground to almost lake level by Lake Hurons' heavy winter ice.

Sources: Sobczak