Date Built: 1863
Builders: Barthow Roy, St. Clair, MI
Construction: Schooner Wood 2 mast Owners:
Dimensions: 110 ton Cargo: Cedar posts The total value of the vessel and cargo was about $800.

Condition: Starboard side disarticulated from the bow/keel and port side. Most of keel burried in sand. Remains pounded down by ice & waves to only two feet off the bottom.

Location: Huron Beach (Roberts Cove)

Depth: 6'

Date of Loss: Sept 25,1878

GPS: N45 06.917 W83 19.010

Type of Loss: Storm

Loss of Life: none
Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

Loading cedar posts on South Nine Mile Point just south of Middle Island when a gale blew up. Still not finished loading the Captain pulled into Huron Beach, Cavanaugh's Island for clamer waters. Another boom load of posts were loaded before nightfall and being the weather looked favorable the Captain stayed on his near shore anchorage. Through the night the weather started blowing a gale from the East. Before the anchors began to drag "stays" had to be attached to the windlass to prevent it from being ripped from the deck. The yawl was lowered and the woman aboard was was set ashore and was given shelter in the Pulford home. By noon torrents of rain began to fall adding to an already dismal situation. The Captain and most of the crew remained aboard in order to scuttle her and do what could be done. Later when they signaled for the yawl boat to be sent for them it was swamped and bailed twice before making it out to the schooner. The schooner was left a total wreck and the Captain estimated his loss at $800.

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