Date Built: 1864
Builders: Lent, Conneaut, OH
Construction: Schooner Owners: Part of Blodgett Fleet of Bay City
Dimensions: 147 x 39 x 13 Cargo: Coal

Condition: Bow, Keelson, sidewalls visible. Stern missing.

Location: 4-4.5 mi north-northeast of north end of Thunder Bay Island

Depth: 28'

Date of Loss: Oct 29, 1905

GPS: N45 06.326 W83 13.072

Type of Loss: Fire

Loss of Life: None
Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

Tow of the steamer ZILLAH, she caught fire from spontaneous combustion. Her crew abandoned and she drifted around the area while burning to the waterline over a period of three days. She finally sank. Rebuilt, 1879, major repair, 1883
Thunder Bay Island Wreck report
About 1:30am watchman came running in crying fire, boat on fire. Surf boat was launched as soon as possible. After pulling out in the Lake SSE 3 or 4 miles we arrived along side of the barge Oganrita all on fire forward and abandoned by her crew. they having go on board the steamer Ziller? which was towing her. We brought ashore a telegram to his agent. In the morning I phoned Gilchrist's office and they sent a tug out. We went ???? mist life boat and made an effort to put the fire out but with no avail. She burned down and sunk about 4 miles north of this station having drifted several miles.

Sources: Swayze; Sobczak