Date Built: 1862
Owners: Thomas Hood
Construction: Wooden Schooner Builders: Albert Little
Dimensions: 129'
302g 286n
Cargo: Coal

Condition: Hull partially & stern collasped due to salvage efforts. Rudder & center board intact, windlass, chain but anchor removed. Broken timbers are abundant at this site.

Location: 2 mi. NNE at 54 degrees of Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse

Depth: 61'

Date of Loss: June 1, 1887

GPS: GPS: N45 03.390 W83 10.210

Type of Loss: Collision

Loss of Life: None
Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

On June 1, 1887, while north bound in a thick fog and heavy weather, the schooner Lucinda VanValkenburg was loaded with coal when the Steamer LEHIGH rammed her. The schooner was on a southeast tack when the collision occurred.

All of the schooner’s crew were picked up from their yawl by the LEHIGH which had circled back after the collision. The only injury suffered was a head wound suffered by the ships cook.

Sources: Labadie, Swayze