Date Built: 1884
Builders: H.D. Root in Lorain, Ohio
Construction: wooden steamer 107'. In 1888 rebuilt to 132' with a second deck, making her a typical "Lumber Hooker" Owners:
Dimensions: 133 x 24 x 8
207g 169n
Cargo: None

Condition: Badly broken but anchor, chain, engine and boiler remain.

Location: 1.8 miles ENE at 85 degrees from Thunder Bay Island Light putting her inside the shipping channels. Caution must be taken to avoid traffic.

Depth: 80'

Date of Loss: June 22, 1909

GPS: N45 02.705 W83 09.205

Type of Loss: Collision

Loss of Life: None

Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

After 6a.m. on June 22, 1909 the 132 wooden steamer WILLIAM PETER THEW was rammed admidships by the steel steamer WILLIAM LIVINGSTON. The THEW was upbound in a thick 'pea soup' fog when she was run down by the downbound LIVINGSTON. After the collision the LIVINGSTON left the THEW to her own devices.

As she layed there splintered and sinking in the first mornings light the fog lifted and she was spotted by the Thunder Bay Island Life-Saving Station and by the steamer MARY C. ELPHICKE as well. The ELPHICKE had rescued the THEW's 11 crew members before the Life-Saving Crew arrived.

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