Benjamin (Ben) Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Date Built: 1842
Builders: Appleby, Gilman, Buffalo, NY
Construction: Wooden Sidewheel Steamer Owners: Hiram Burton, Buffalo, NY
Dimensions: 135 x 20 x 9,BR>131 Gross tons Cargo: Passengers & Packet Freight for TBI lighthouse & Fishermen

Condition: Widely scattered, paddlewheel shafts found near shore, boilers rolled down the rock ledges to 50'

Location: Near Thunder Bay Island Light off of shoal

Depth: 15-50'

Date of Loss: October 8, 1850

Sidewheel&brick N45 01.932 W83 11.527 Sidewheel N45 01.968 W83 11.505 Boiler1&2 N45 01.864 W83 11.489 Boiler3 N45 01.855 W83 11.544

Type of Loss: Grounded in storm on Thunder Bay Island reef.

Loss of Life: none

Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

While re-supplying Thunder Bay Island Light she was caught by a storm and stranded on the limestone ledge at the SE end of Thunder Bay Island. Her machinery was striped and left ashore. Then in a storm on Nov. 28 all was washed away and her remaining hull drifted away.

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