Date Built: 1888
Builders: By James Davidson at West Bay City, MI
Construction: Wooden Steamer Owners: Toledo Trans. Co.to haul coal as the George G. Hadley. Renamed in 1902 by new owner William P. Rend
Dimensions: 288 x 40 x 24
2,973-gross tons
Cargo: Limestone

Condition: Partial cargo of limestone, with rudder post, boiler parts, & valves

Location: North East of Cement Plant. Do not approach from west!

Depth: 15-20'

Date of Loss: September 22, 1917

GPS: N45 03.737 W83 23.567

Type of Loss: Foundered

Loss of Life: none

Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

On September 22, 1917 the William P. Rend floundered and sunk with a partial load of limestone just north of the Cement Plant channel. Her crew of nine were rescued without injury. The Rend started life in 1888 as the 2,970 ton, steamer GEORGE G. HADLEY but on June 7, 1902, Captained by Mike Fitzgerald, she collided with the whaleback steamer THOMAS WILSON just outside of the Duluth harbor. While the WILSON sank with nine of her crew, the HADLEY managed to beach herself on Minnesota Point. She was sold, repaired and renamed as the WILLIAM P. REND. By 1916 she was being used as a barge and her tonnage reduced to 2,323 gross tons.

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