Date Built: 1866,
Builders: Built in Little Toledo, OH as a Bark
Construction: Wooden Schooner-Barge, 3 masts cut down to 2 Owners:
Dimensions: 162 x 34 x 12, 497gt/472nt Cargo: None

Condition: Stern post to within 5' of surface. Partial windlass, keelson, sidewalls,

Location: 600' off break wall SW corner

Depth: 15'

Date of Loss: November 28, 1905 on False Presque Isle

GPS: N45 03.287 W83 25.603
Type of Loss: Collided with dock at Alpena Loss of Life: none
Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

After sticking to the ways during her launch she went through major repairs in 74', 79' and 82'. In the winter of 86-87' she grounded on Green Is. shoal and was left there through the winter. Reportedly while in the tow of the steamer Davud A Rust ahe went to pieces off False Presque Isle with a load of lumber. Local information says she was salvaged and towed to Alpena. While tied to the docks a storm threw her up and she impaled on a dock piling, sunk, and she was abandoned there for the final time.

Sources: Swayze; McConnell; ALTERNATE Identification: Bay City