Date Built: 1857
Builders: Luther Moses, Cleveland
Construction: propeller, wood, passenger/package freight Owners:
Dimensions: 193 x 30 x 12
709 t.
Cargo: Lumber

Condition: Remains intermixed with several other wrecks; see also BLANCHARD and JOHN T. JOHNSON.

Location: 1.5mi SE of North Point on North Point Reef.

Depth: 12-15'

Date of Loss: 1872, Sep 25

Loss of Life: None

Type of Loss: Storm

GPS: N45 00.460 W83 14.990

Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

Bound Alpena for Chicago, she went ashore and broke up. The number of lives lost is not reported. Young J.C. Gilchrist was her purser.

Sources: Swayze 1999

Tuesday, September 2, 1871

The packet freighter GALENA Captioned by Warren Broadbridge was due to sail at 11:00pm. A gale was building from the South West and Capt. Broadbridge knew it. If only he could make it around Thunder Bay Island he would have the lee of North Point and the Michigan shore line all the way to Mackinaw. The captain set his course to give wide berth to North Point Reef but the southwesterly gale was pushing him closer in the dark night. It wasn't long after the order was given to set a northerly course that the GALENA came aground hard tossing crew and passengers. After first trying to back off Capt. Broadbridge knew is ship was lost and decided to flood her in order to ride out the storm and save lives. After scuttling the GALENA settled down hard on North Point Reef and was able to ride out the night without being lifted and dropped on the reef with every passing wave. At 2pm the bark ERASTUS CORNING passed the GALENA on it's way to Detroit. Captain George H. Clarke ordered her anchored and sent out a yawl to offer rescue to the trapped crew and passengers. To the rescue crews amazement they found everyone aboard in good spirits and unwilling to risk the trip back to the bark CORNING. By 9:00pm Capt. Broadbridge decided if these men from the CORNING could row two miles to his ship, he could make shore on North Point little more than a mile away. After making shore and walking many miles to Alpena Capt. Broadbridge arrived the next morning leaving some of his crew aboard the GALENA. By afternoon, with his ship showing signs of breaking up, Capt. Broadbridge took his yawl back to the GALENA and took off the rest of his crew.

Source: Thunder Bay Island Life Station "Wreck Report"