Date Built: 1863
Builders: 1836, Peck & Masters, Cleveland
Construction: Wooden propeller, passenger & package freight Owners:
Dimensions: 200 x 31, 997 net tons Cargo: Copper ingots, native copper, passengers

Condition: Machinery and some of the hull is left. Cargo of pig iron and furnishings was salvaged by Dec. 2, 1867 Mostly stripped of cargo and fittings in a long succession of salvage dives since at least 1880. One salvage project in 1897 used dynamite and a diving bell to take thousands of pounds of copper off. Wreck described as pristine in 1917.

Location: East Central Thunder Bay

Depth: 170'

Date of Loss: August 9, 1865

GPS: N44 57.908 W83 06.128

Type of Loss: Collided almost bows-on with sister ship METEOR in a passing blunder and sank quickly.

Loss of Life: 75 to 100

Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

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