Date Built: 1853,
Builders: Gilmore, Perrysburg, OH
Construction: 2 mast Schooner Owners: Buckingham & Guthrie
Dimensions: 125x26x10, 278 t Cargo: Iron Ore


Location: Black River

Depth: 6'

Date of Loss: Oct 15, 1870

GPS: N44 50.459 W83 17.123

Type of Loss: Storm, foundered

Loss of Life:

Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

The heavily-laden schooner sprang a leak in a storm and was turned to shore to try to save her. She sang in 20 feet of water, her crew abandoning in her yawl and later picked up by the tug SANDUSKY. It was thought that she could be raised, but no record of that occurring. Not in '69 mvus, possibly Canadian. ALVIN BUCKINGHAM was out of Cleveland in 1864.

1853, Aug 30 Enrolled Toledo, OH; owned B.M. Buckingham, et al, New York City, NY.
1854 278 tons, Miami Customs District.
1854, Sep Ashore on Long Point, ONT; cargo salt (also reported cargo was wheat).
1855, Oct 28 Ashore at Fairport, OH; 13,000 bushels wheat.
1857, Sep Sprang leak on Lake Erie, to dry dock for repairs.
1858, Apr 10 Owned James Buckingham, Zanesville, OH.
1858, Aug Struck by lightning, Toledo.
1858, Oct In running up Buffalo Harbor, got afoul of schooners CAIRO, ELLINGTON, & N.P. GOODELL.
1860 Owned Walbridge, Toledo.
1862 Repaired.
1863, Apr 16 Owned Valentine Swain, Cleveland.
1865 Readmeasured 205 gross tons.
1864, Apr 25 Bound for Saginaw, MI, went ashore on east side Pelee Island, ONT, in 3.5' water; laden with corn.
1865, May 1 Owned Reuben D. Swain, Cleveland.
1866, Apr 25 Owned John Gerlach et al, Cleveland.
1870 Reported sunk, Saginaw Bay, MI.
1870, Oct 15 Sunk in storm near Harrisville, MI.

Sources: Swayze, Labadie