Date Built: 1859
Builders: Mason & Bidwell, Buffalo as a sidewheeler
Construction: Propellor, wooden "steam Barge" Owners:
Dimensions: 239 x 34 x 13, 1039 t.179 Cargo: Lumber, Coal?


Location: off of Greenbush

Depth: 12'

Date of Loss: Sep 29, 1872

GPS: N44 35.170 W83 18.640

Type of Loss: Storm

Loss of Life: None

Co-ordinates are informational only, they maybe inaccurate and should

Driven ashore and destroyed by pounding of waves in a great gale. She had the barge HUNTER(qv) in tow. Many other vessels were lost in the same area, including her barge. Much of her machinery and gear was recovered in June and July of 1875. Converted from sidewheeler to a schooner-barge in 1870; to a propeller, 1871. Some sources say she was still a schooner at the time of her loss, but not so. When built she was sister of sidewheeler MILWAUKEE (qv,1868). Their hulls were among the first to be diagonally strapped with iron.

Sources: Swayze, Labadie