Open Water Scuba Classes

Current Cost : $395

The cost includes book, pool fees, air fills, and equipment rental. Students are expected to provide their own Fins, Mask, & snorkel which can be bought at Thunder Bay Scuba if needed.

Normally there are 4 or 5 class room sessions followed by pool sessions, but pool scheduling sometimes changes this around. Usually after the final pool session and taking the final written exam "Open Water" dives are scheduled in a local lake or a special trip to another more exotic dive location. Thunder Bay Scuba will run a charter out to a local shipwreck for an additional fee so your first dive can be your first shipwreck dive as well. With 12 or more shipwrecks in 20' to 60' of water there are many to choose from. The extra cost for the special trip is over and above the the current class fee. In a Open Water session we take the students to a dive site greater than 20 and less then 60' deep and see if they can perform their skills in a real world enviroment.

If something happens and it is not possible for you to finish your training with the class you started with, you have 1 year from the start of your training to finish your final Open Water Dives. This way you can join another class latter when the conflicts are cleared up. If your training drags on into the Winter we will usually have to wait until Spring when the local lakes warm up or plan a trip to someplace warmer. Another possibility is to get a refferal from our instructor to another instructor at your vacation destination and you can complete your Open Water dives there. You should make sure that your instructor actually talks to the instructor where you will be finishing your training so that there will be no mix-ups when you arrive.

After you finish your final Open Water dives, your training is complete and a lifetime of diving adventures await you.