The City of ALPENA


Coming to Alpena from the south you will be driving on US 23. Just a block after passing the Alpena Mall on the left and Kmart on the right you will come to a stoplight. At the light you will see the State Police Post on your left. This intersection is Ripley Blvd. And you should turn left here and follow Ripley Blvd. One block to another stoplight. This intersection is Grant St. and you should proceed straight for just one more block. This intersection is Mason St. and Alpena Scuba's driveway is the first past Mason St. If you are coming from the west you will be driving on M 32. You will pass the new Home Depot and Wal-Mart on the left and come to the first stop light. This intersection is Bagley St. and you will continue straight on M 32/Washington St. passing a riverside park on the left to the next light. This is Ripley St. that has separate street numbers from Ripley Blvd. You will turn right on Ripley St. and follow it through a light at the intersection of Third St. (5 blocks) to the light at the intersection of First St. You will continue straight on Ripley Blvd. For two blocks and then look for Alpena Scuba on your left. If you reach the light at the intersection of Grant St., backup one block. Come visit us, we have a lot to show you.